“Bowon Unite to Fight Covid 19” Project
Supported by Dr. Anongsrisitthiasa
Chairman of the Basic Education Commission Don Sila Pha Ngamwittayakhom School
Given by giving the necessities to a living during That the people suffered from the epidemic of COVID 19

By giving instant instant noodles to people in every village In Wiang Chai District with teachers and students Of Don Sila Pha Ngamwitthayakhom School by giving a total of 2,000 instant noodles, 40 bags per box to help alleviate the initial troubles.
With Provost Sukhum Silanukit Abbot of Meditation Center, Tham Phra Pha Khok Temple
Mr.Songad Buranaphattharachot, Wiangchai Sheriff
PAT Dan Jaiharn Sarawat to prevent and suppress Wiang Chai District
Dr. Nirun Khamsamanan, Advisor to Chiang Rai Land Company
Admiral Chaiyamon Boonyaratklin, commander of the mine fleet
Mr. Chotisiridarain, President, Chiang Rai Media and Public Relations Association
Mr. Narong Saowkham Khet, Senior Permanent Secretary, Wiang Chai District
Mr. Kasem Maniwan, Clerk of Wiang Chai District
Mr. Worapong Santiwong, Acting Director, Area 36
Join in honor This time on June 12, 2020

At the meeting room of Don Sila Pha Ngamwittayakhom School